We are located on the 2nd floor of the Superstore at Main Street & Marine Drive.

Address: 350 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 2S5

Tel: (604) 323-0077

Fax: (604) 323-0076

South Vancouver Medical Clinic
Private Appointment (if you do not have a B.C. CareCard)
Our medical clinic welcomes patients who are not covered by the British Columbia medical plan. 

If you are a tourist, visitor, international student, foreign worker or you do not have a valid British Columbia CareCard you will have to pay a fee to see a doctor in British Columbia.

However, our medical clinic makes it easy for you to book a private appointment online.  Booking an appointment shortens your wait time to see a doctor at our medical clinic.

Please note that there is a $200 non-refundable private appointment online booking fee.  Please click on the button below to book your private appointment:  

Please do not book a private appointment if you are covered by the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) or have a valid health card issued by a Canadian province (other than Quebec).

Aquellos pacientes que no tengan covertura medica de British Columbia son vienvenidos por nuestra clinica. 

Si usted es turista(visitante), estudiante internacional, trabajador extranjero o si no posee una valida Carecard (Plan medico de British Columbia) debera pagar para ver un doctor en British Columbia.

Sin embargo, usted podra muy simplemente hacer online una cita privada para poder ver a nuestros doctores. 

Tenga en cuenta que para hacer este tipo de citas online usted debera pagar $200 no reembolsables. Por favor haga click en el boton de abajo para hacer una cita privada:

Por favor no haga una cita privada si usted posee covertura medica de British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) o tiene un valido seguro medico expedido por cualquier provincia de Canada (excepto Quebec).



如果你是旅客,短期国际留学生,外籍劳工,持魁北克省的医疗卡或是你的卑诗医疗卡无效而需要在卑诗省看医生,你需要自付诊费。我们的医务诊所专设医疗服务,为没有卑诗省医疗保险的病人提供诊症。我们的医务诊所为你提供24小时网上预约服务,节省轮候诊症的时间。如果你使用网上预约服务,我们会收取 $200 费用,此费用将不可退款。请点击以下的按钮预约。有预约者可保证医生当天为你诊症。 你也可以不需要预约,在我们的营业时间内到诊所前台登记(Walk-in),无预约的病人我们不能保证当天医生能为你诊症。   如果你有有效的卑诗医疗保险,或持有加拿大其他省份的有效医疗卡 (魁北克省除外),请勿使用此服务。